In our federation nine housing associations join forces. Together they own 184.483 dwellings (1.1.2019). This is about 40% of the total amount of dwellings in Amsterdam. The average rent of a social rented dwelling is € 517 per month.

Digital map of property of housing associations in Amsterdam

In July 2019 the new interactive digital map of the property of the housing associations in Amsterdam and region was presented. 

You can select the property of every housing association, or choose a building period and see what housing associations have built in every period, starting before 1909. 

Digital map of property of housing associations

There is power in unity

The aim of the Amsterdam housing associations is to provide affordable housing for people with low incomes and/or people with special needs. 

In 2017 we work together for exactly a century.

In the publication There is power in unity, you can read all about the history of the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations from the start in 1917. 

Museum about social housing in Amsterdam

In museum the Ship you can learn all about the architecture of the Amsterdam School and the development of social housing in the city. The Amsterdam School-architects created a lot of social housingblocks in the early 20th century, which are still often owned by the housing associations. 

Address: Oostzaanstraat 45, Amsterdam. 

Website museum the Ship 

International Social Housing Festival, June 2017

In June 2017, AFWC was one of the partners who organized the first International Social Housing Festival in Amsterdam. 

It was a global celebration of the long tradition of decent, affordable housing for all aiming to generate convincing responses to current and future challenges, but also debate and exchange of knowledge about social housing and the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

You can find reports of all events (text and photo's) and an aftermovie on www.socialhousingfestival.com/news/ 

AFWC organized a meeting as part of the festival about the challenges and social housing strategies in major cities in Europe. You can find all presentations and report here. 

In 2019 the next International Social Housing Festival will be in Lyon. 

Urban Europe, 50 tales of the city

In 2016 the book Urban Europe was published: urban researchers and practitioners based in Amsterdam tell the story of the European city, sharing their knowledge of and insights into urban dynamics in short, thought-provoking pieces.

One of the essays (page 275) is about the role of housing associatinos in a sustainable city and was written by Jeroen van der Veer, senior researcher of the Amsterdam Federation together with the former president of AFWC, Dick Schuiling. 

Their essays were collected on the occasion of the adoption of the Pact of Amsterdam with an Urban Agenda for the European Union during the Dutch Presidency of the Council in 2016.

Social housing in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, social housing organisations ensure that 4 million people live in 2,4 million houses. Dutch social housing associations are private, non-profit enterprises that pursue social goals within a strict framework of national laws and regulations. 

More information: social housing in the Netherlands in a nutshell. 

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