AFWC Meeting, June 19, 2017

Social Housing strategies in major cities of Europe

On Monday, June 19, 2017 the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations organized a meeting as part of the International Social Housing Festival. Together with representatives from the cities of Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, Vienna and of course Amsterdam we discussed the varying, and yet broadly relevant, social housing lessons in the several cities. 

The presentations were about the general situation of social housing in every city,  the organization of social housing, the main trends/developments and the ‘hot‘ problems / topics in every city related to the general theme’s of the ISHF.

After the presentations we discussed the main topics with housing scientists, Karin Laglas CEO of Ymere and Alderman Laurens Ivens. The audience could give live feedback, respond through smartphone or tablet to speaker's points in real-time, post opinions and ask questions.

The conference report

For an impression of the conference in pictures, click on the photo 

For a short report click here.

And here is a longer report in the Dutch language.

If you use twitter, you can read the feedback on #housingfest or read our tweets from @afwc1917



The presentations

  • Berlin, by Ingo Malter, CEO Stadt und Land Wohnbauten Gesellschaft 
  • Copenhagen, by Annesophie Hansen, Danmarks Almene Boliger
  • Paris, by Bertrand Bret, head international office / advisor chairman Paris Habitat 
  • Vienna, by Eva Bauer, economist Austrian Federation of Limited Profit Housing Associations
  • Amsterdam, by Jeroen van der Veer, senior researcher Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations 

Buzzmaster print screens

To involve the audience in the dialogue on stage, we used buzzmaster.

Here are the results in print screens of the feedback. 

History of the Amsterdam Federation of Housing Associations

Bustour: A century of social housing in Amsterdam

The museum Het Schip organises daily bus tours along 100 years of social housing in Amsterdam during the social housing festival June 13 - 21, 2017. 

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